22 Feb / 2017

Small blog advertising alliance can really make money

blog internal optimization for several days, because of their template, there are a lot of advertising, I want him to use it, immediately go to apply for GGAD, yesterday finally filed down, immediately put the good code, later put on the code, feeling better blog messy, good uncomfortable, then I I asked myself: what is the purpose of Jian Bo, is really to make money? Advertising can really bring me profits? If there is income, then there will be many


thought for a long time, but still can not think of it, they will learn the inertia of Baidu and visit some of their regular blog to see their ideas. Pondering for a long time finally results


GoogleAD is the largest small blog to do this, they’re… I think the best thing to do is to include the GoogleAD is very good, and you write something representative, only suitable for SEO friends. If you want a small blog, and through the cross point (cheating) to make a GoogleAD, I think it is not. If you have the time, should learn to seven… Anyway, my point of view is that GoogleAD is very suitable for CMS type blog site webmaster.

Lu Songsong: I do, roughly divided into two purposes, one is to make money, one is to interest. Ask yourself why you want to stand, ask yourself how long.

Internet: blog is to use real name or net name in the network space to write (Multimedia) diary. General blog can’t make money; click rate is high on behalf of your blog to see more people, traffic, also shows that your site has a reputation.

Ali mother’s low price strategy

Ali mother pushed 1 yuan advertising, apparently from a mature market development strategy. As a new advertising service providers, Ali mother’s main goal is obviously to be recognized by the market. In particular, Ali mother proposed advertising model, and Google and Baidu are not the same model, and therefore more eager to be recognized. To market recognition of this model, it must be advertising transactions.

I don’t have a lot of

to put out, I see a lot of it realize a lot, finally know the blog is not to make money, Lu also said: I do loose, roughly divided into two purposes, one is to make money, one is to interest. Ask yourself why you want to stand, ask yourself how long. I do blog just for fun, for fun, just started to really think that a blog is really very simple, want to make him really hard, I don’t need your own blog and how much traffic, my blog can bring you many benefits, I only hope the blog can bring happiness to me, to

supports my friends with some useful resources.

before writing this blog, I put my GGAD to cancel all told myself: to make money, first, people can not start, now I just learned how to walk, run only to >

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