24 Feb / 2017

Several ways of making money for blog

many people heard of blogs, blog several famous domestic, as far as I know the money is also a lot of domestic famous blog income according to the owners I said there are nearly tens of thousands of yuan (mainly in his blog article, the more users browse more), one of my friends do the Chinese dream blog soon a month now has thousands of income. There is no money to do anything to make money, the blog is the same, mainly the quality of the blog article is critical. But most blogs, especially the free two level domain name blog is not easy to make money. The blog is very limited, so is free blog. Many most blogs basically remember running account or extract relevant information, you have to do advertising, advertising type configuration, types are generally not good, the price is very low natural.

to do the basic station are aware of, and now the most profitable advertising alliance or Google Adsense, Google Advertising estimate is the highest, but will not buckle. But Google Adsense payment method and threshold is a little bit of trouble, to reach $50 to pay, before is the method by China bank check, estimate very troublesome procedures are to engage in what is now nearly a month, a good point, Google uses the remittance way, every other day to China post that has western Union business the bank will be able to get. As I said above, the famous domestic high income by the blog, and my friend who do the Chinese dream blog is also hanging Google adsense. So ah, as long as your blog has traffic, Google Adsense is always the first choice. Speaking of which I have to talk about it, if you are good at English, then do stand Google Adsense will make more money, because the Google to give the click of the Commission is mainly to see the price of advertising to the publisher. Foreign advertising prices must be much higher. Is to sell links, PR4 links in the country will also sell 10-15 block a month, in foreign countries can sell $10, into the yuan is nearly 70. Therefore, it is recommended that a good friend in English to write English blog is better.

to pay for the convenience of reputation and good advertising alliance, Ali mother can still, it has the advantage that it is for Alipay to pay, even if you are a penny of income also can take out the payment, fast and convenient, no fee. And Ali mother advertising for the blog is also divided into units, more suitable for blog class. I used to hang up a blog mother Ali, earned two hundred a week, but also put only the advertising of only two. Although the site advertising competition intensifies, the package is not easy to sell ad, but you can still choose to pay.

if your blog is type of entertainment, such as gender, you can do some Asian friends, heart induction, the effect should be good, I used to hang, the conversion rate is not high, one day can have ten registered successfully. Perhaps some friends want to do what pop ads, pop-up ads annoying not to say, but basically put a Trojan and even what winning a QQ >

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