26 Feb / 2017

Ali alibaba com America wholesale platform users can credit to buy goods


[TechWeb] February 3rd news, the United States in the future of the United States to buy its products wholesale platform Alibaba alibaba.com, can be directly applied to the highest online loan of $300 thousand to pay for the loan.

The Alibaba

said in a statement, has reached a strategic cooperation with the net loan platform Lending Club, jointly issued a "Alibaba.com e-Credit Line powered by Lending Club" products, Lending Club will alibaba.com US users online loan application business solutions.

Ali said that the United States just less than 5 minutes to apply for the user to operate, you can get $50 thousand to $300 thousand in loans to pay for the purchase of goods on the alibaba.com website.

loan fixed monthly interest rate of 0.5%. (small peak)

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