4 Mar / 2017

Sanlu website was hacked several different factions a day

        after the Sanlu milk powder out of things, the Sanlu company website www.sanlu.com lively, two consecutive days by dozens of hackers who care you, everyone is modified, I modify the past, the Sanlu company technical maintenance personnel is also estimated to toss.


 Sanlu Group website screenshot

Sanlu Group website screenshot

      Sanlu toxic milk powder incident has caused uproar today at 12:50, raise a Babel of criticism of, the reporter wanted to Sanlu Group’s Web site, but do not want to find the browser logo on top of the Sanlu Group official website has been changed to "melamine group", but other "or" Sanlu Group ", but also in content Sanlu Group’s own or.  

      legal experts warn hackers: no matter what the problem sanlu. Invasion of the three sites are illegal violations of the data, it will be a serious crime. Do not take things personally, to win, to bring their own trouble.