4 Mar / 2017

Fire in the second half From 66775 com to 5 yuan to see the digital domain name

renamed China (eName.cn) March 26th news, last night took "China boutique knot domain auction, 5 digital 66775.com in hundreds of turns bid, last 5 digits at a good price for themselves to find a good home. In fact, this is not the first time the 5 digital domain name on the yuan price, we can see is "5 years of digital domain dislike now has been quietly rising, become a shining star in the domain name market.

5 digital domain prices rose

from the beginning of last year, many domain name investors have turned their eyes to the 5 digital domain has been silent, there are people who buy the acquisition of the 5 digital domain name, build a digital warehouse 5. For example, the domain name investors bought 12222.cn, Wu boss 67777.cn 10 5 CN in the digital domain by changing its name to the big 5 this month intermediary China digit price package. In May last year, more investors hit millions of dollars, crazy acquisition of 55565.com and other 5 digital domain name 100.


figure: 5 digital domain name

A large number of

5 digital domain was acquired, the natural price rises, the 5 digital domain name in the general price range of 4 digit -5 number, the yuan trading in 5 gradually increased, the price of a high-quality digital domain also exceeded one hundred thousand, even reached the million level.

this week, 20000.com traced to complete the transaction with 6 digit prices; in December last year, 12328.com in some domain name trading platform to 120 thousand and 600 yuan; March, domain name investors Xie Yue with 6 digit price changed hands sold 58888.com; 80000.com was 6 digit price to repurchase overseas. In addition, at the beginning of this year, a 90 investors directly through Chinese renamed Ho denounced about two million took 66666.com and 99999.com.

in terms of the terminal, 12306 railway tickets online ticket enabled 12306.cn, the order of the 12308 car ticket network is 12308.com, China Mobile is using 10086.cn. Alibaba to protect 10029.com/.cn, Suning won 10035.net, the United States acquired 10037.com, a number of virtual operators to buy the customer service number domain name, but also led to the rise of the 5 digital domain market.

digital domain overall market good



: digital domain name

and 5 digital domain name is now so hot, mainly due to the overall trend of the digital domain name is high, so that investor confidence doubled. As everyone knows, last year, a group of the best 2 digital domain collective master, by investors and even a few million yuan at the terminal first >

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