education industry is the hot money industry in recent years! Bookstore is also one of the profitable projects! We know that business is not so good! So open a special bookstore, how to make money?

owner through purchasing press the inventory, get a lot of cheap special offer books, opened the bookstore, to attract customers with 50 percent off sales, not to charge a deposit for the "pre rent" method of the rental book, opened for half a year, soaring profits.

many special offer for old bookstore journal or magazine. World famous books, books and other books are not relatively strong timeliness of relatively small amount of space, the owner can start doing business in this regard should be attractive. read more

to my understanding of the Chinese market, and combined with previous experience, I feel the development of the back, there are some of China’s original ecological model on the internet. China to this stage, its consumer local market slowly can produce such a demand driven, the company’s development is driven by consumers, and finally became a big company.

if the face of consumers as start-up companies, its services are not built in wireless or mobile phone, in fact, this is a very big challenge. In fact, the intelligent mobile phone it is part of our body, 2 years later, most of the people shopping or social good, instead of the traditional Facebook, Google, Baidu or Tencent, it must be said that you must do product for the user to start from the radio, to think from the inside of a platform so small. For example, we used to work with both hands, and now you have to make a single hand. read more

shop if you can not keep the customer so the store profits are in danger, if you run a jewelry store, then you need to learn how to retain more customers, providing store sales. Novices are not familiar with this kind of problem can be a lot of attention to the site related information, I believe will help you.

open a jewelry store, first jewelry stores must have a large number of human resources, the human resources is the customer, the stream of people how to attract and retain customers, and even become a loyal customer, this is the jewelry stores operating symbol of success. Stream of people into the jewelry store, how to retain customers is the key. Customer retention methods are: customer experience, promotional activities, sales success rate, membership cards, etc.. Consumers buy the product, because consumers have bought impulse. Therefore, the key to retain customers is to study the customer through the purchase of each psychological desire, and one by one to propose solutions. read more

shop business is a lot of people want to start the business, so we know where to shop is better? We choose a suitable place to set up shop, then you start half success, so the location is very important, a good shop address for your shop to reduce a lot of pressure, let you easily win at the starting line, here and we look for the address of the shop with the conditions what.

more popular areas of

Wang to wealth, in densely populated areas, there are various needs for a large number of goods, according to these requirements can be derived from a variety of business, set up shop in this place, the traffic is large, the customer demand is relatively stable. Sales will not rise and fall, can guarantee the stability of income. read more

30 May / 2017

While growing up side

"venture" no one does not know what the meaning of the word, but "entrepreneurship" two words and contains a lot of meaning, want to go into the business world, might as well take a look at the common sense of entrepreneurship.

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food and beverage management team, if you can master the appropriate management, then for the guidance of the staff is a very good help. Choose the right way, in the end need to do? If you want to learn some of the skills related to emotional encouragement, you can learn about, Xiaobian finishing the relevant information, I hope to help you.

1, respect and recognition of the lofty respect is the evaluation of individual or group enterprises, is to satisfy people’s need for self-esteem, is an important means to stimulate people enterprising, it helps enterprise team spirit and cohesion. The staff only feel respected and recognized, will make contribution to enterprise own ability and cleverness, especially the ability and organizational charisma is more outstanding, the desire to be affirmed and recognized the talent for others is even more so. read more

people’s living standard is gradually increased with the rising number of cars on the road, and related to the automotive industry is also booming, do auto accessories is also a very good choice, the owners do not care for a little money to decorate their cars.

surge in private car ownership leads to rising car accessories. Many motorists (especially female owners) are willing to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to decorate their car. A considerable proportion of car owners want to have a beautiful, personalized car. There are many opportunities to be found in the shop. Like perfume, dolls, steering wheel sets, cushions, etc. have a great market demand. read more

women’s clothing industry has always been a very fast development of the industry, has a very broad demand, choose a good brand to join the shop, and the market prospects are very good, but there are some problems but also need to pay attention. For those who do not have the experience of the shop, in front of the women’s franchise stores also have to do a good job of preparation, so as to ensure the operation of the store. So, what to do to prepare for the women’s clothing store? read more