"This is not an introduction to how I evolved from a baby into an adult,"

says first. Today I want to say is, how can I from a don’t understand "soft Wen" for which party sacred, become a professional soft Wen writer?.

my first exposure to the "soft" this completely strange word is from, I just walked into the mall to the margin of one mind. At that time, mall to site operators near the margin of one mind (and you are now from naive to mature and become North China’s largest online apparel wholesale and retail mall), because I had experience in writing before this, then applied at the mall to do you copy the margin of one mind, don’t laugh, even what is not soft know, can do copywriting? This is something, if I had mastered this is not for you to see this article would not read more

31 Jul / 2017

Who created spam online

, do you feel that the information that is being searched by the search engine is becoming more and more garbage and more and more repetitive, and I think you should take a good view, because the future search will be more and more garbage. So, how do you have so much garbage information,


1, interest driven highly repetitive spam

IT a web business is very successful, obtaining huge profits, a successful scientist once said: the success of others and can be replicated, so the content of some personal websites began to copy the IT website, although this big cake has been eaten mostly, but the rest of the bed for students and some low-income workers, is still considerable. Plus the person in order to enrich the content of the website, information to repetitie, so the biggest difference between website and website: advertising is different, the result is that you find in the search engine in the content uniformity, even typos are the same. read more

design should not be based solely on experience and intuition, because of the different goals, circumstances, and practices involved. In order to obtain more accurate and effective information to assist and detect design, designers will choose qualitative (user interviews, focus groups) and quantitative (questionnaire survey, website data analysis) way to conduct user research. Among them, "website data analysis" this method does not need to spend a long time and labor costs, while avoiding the user and the environment and other unstable factors on the analysis of the results of interference. As long as we have accurate and applicable data, we should give priority to this method to assist the design. read more

webmaster friends usually will give their website installation cnzz, Baidu statistics and other webmaster statistics tools, but these webmaster statistics tools will not record network spider climb take situation. Some webmaster friends usually use log analysis tools to analyze web logs and crawl spiders. Personally, I think, most of the webmaster in the statistical analysis of the website log, ignoring some small details, listed below two:

1. The web log file should be determined by the amount of access, whether or not it needs to be generated by the hour. read more

1, do more connection

The initial stage of

development is the most difficult, because the local forum is not like other forums, he has targeted, regional, advertising everywhere does not necessarily have effect. At this time you can only do the connection, let search engine can search to your site, increase search engine friendly degrees, but is not blind to pay attention to the connection, this is my first mistake, to connect even the relevant website, for a little irrelevant website, no connection what effect for you. Also, it depends on how many external connections each other has, and the less external connections you have, the better it is for you. read more

for the vast majority of entrepreneurs, can get the level of tens of millions of investment is absolutely worthy of a wedding to write a great deal about, but a pat on the loan, after a $25 million investment by Shen Napeng news release, first of all they do is issued a clarification statement.

this is a strange and intriguing statement, because the original report is not inconsistent with the facts ", rather than a pat on the loan in" clarify "the facts, as it is to take this opportunity to release their commitments and guarantees to the outside world: take a pat on the loan" rapid expansion "large-scale investment risk money + way in the financing process will not. read more

now open a Taobao shop, do not want to spend money to open a good shop, it is almost impossible to do, Taobao shop currently has many versions, respectively support edition, standard edition, expanded edition and ultimate, is a free version of support when you drill, shop finally rises to a drill that will be charged. Here is how to operate Taobao store how to control costs, and let the cost of maximizing the interests of the strategy.

1: Taobao store version selection,

for the four version of the Taobao store, we should choose what version? I think, to expand version than the standard version is more cost-effective, because the function is more abundant, and the cost is only two times the Standard Version, one is 30 yuan per year, the other one is 68 yuan per year. Although expensive two times, but the price standard is relatively low, so two times, and not very high, but ultimate more than 2000 year costs for our small and medium-sized webmaster, investment is still relatively. Therefore, comprehensive comparison, or expansion of the highest cost-effective version. read more

now many webmaster do local station, the first is certainly not their own, but because other people do see local website success, and then imitate, like now many of the owners of the site in imitation of A5, but the imitation are often submerged in many similar sites inside, while those of the initiator of evil often became the brand of the industry, as the webmaster industry A5


in recent years the local site to obtain a larger development, after all, our country has a vast territory and a large population, a small town of a hundred million population, these people have only one percent people to visit your site, then you can get ten thousand IP, you also can earn big hair, this is the main reason of local website has a great development, but also because there are many local websites for us to imitate the object, so it can in a short time will place to create a site is booming! But in the booming behind, has the huge crisis! Just like the group purchase website, because industry class very expansive, lead to vicious competition, resulting in the shrinking market, causing more drastic shuffling, is only visible if the imitation, it is inevitable. In competition, and the lower the threshold of imitation, the intensity of the competition will be higher, so the local web site is how to break the existing operational thinking of the time! read more

tip: This is the Baoding 123 webmaster dream dreamer inadvertently find information on the Internet encountered, Baoding know the webmaster through communication, by Baoding know the webmaster wrote their entrepreneurial experience. It’s a bit long, but it’s real. Hope that friends through this article to understand, as a webmaster of hard work and fatigue.

side of the water and soil education side of people, although I am not authentic Baoding citizens, but it is native to the Baoding region, playing children for life in Baoding and proud. After I graduated from university in Baoding radio and TV work for more than four years, in 2006 successfully obtain the computer department of North China Electric Power University graduate, but in the past three years, Beijing is now a media organization, it also lived in Baoding for nearly ten years, Baoding is an ancient city, and now into a new era blood, I as a Baoding person has obligations to have the confidence to do a little contribution to Baoding, with my hobbies and expertise, and in my roommate Guo Shaojie plan and the successful launch of the Baoding know network design in 2008, "Baoding needs to know that life is our stand portrayal. read more

: Hello, Mr. polar, first of all, thank you for taking my visit. I learned your station from Baidu’s post bar, so I’m curious about your station. Can you describe your station’s original intention,


Arctic: I’m not afraid of your jokes. Actually, I planned to be a website a long time ago. At that time, it was just a dream of an upstart, which made me have such an urge. But actually it’s very hard to do the website, especially during that time, my life is very confusing, so I can’t do anything well. I didn’t even do it at all. But early this year when I was in Baidu Post Bar in know several people, one is a forty year old office worker, said he was hoping to do matchmaker. (a man with this idea is really interesting) is actually I don’t trust the meaning, but because of my selfishness or accept some of his ideas and joined his group: a matchmaker. Maybe a lot of people have heard of it. read more