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however, in actual operation, a lot of good articles, but not a real good title, why? We look at an example:

two: the long tail word load

today I saw an article in the Shanghai Sohu and former editor in chief of love Webmaster Platform: the title of the party and the title is really enlightening what difference?. A good article, is the punchline title, if the headline is not ideal, the whole article fail! Or, the title should be no exaggeration, the actual content, in the course of time, will only make the reader of this website and lose interest. read more

analysts said the search wars will be started or

said the experience of "hooliganism"

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according to relevant sources, from 19 at 7 pm, 360 security guards to Sogou background monitoring for blocking behavior of Firefox. This allows the user to open the default browser Sogou web pages, play out is IE, to correct the 360 security guards must be closed." "Because of network security is the underlying behavior, there is no way to restore the Sogou user settings."

, 360 responded yesterday, 360 browser users cannot change the default settings, 360 did not receive the real user feedback. After the test, as long as the user actively modify the browser’s default settings, there is no problem, 360 security guards to fully respect the choice of the user. read more