first_imgFinsbury Food Group has experienced strong growth across its businesses “broadly in line with expectations and despite challenging market conditions”, chief executive Dave Brooks said following the company’s latest update on trading.He told British Baker that sales of premium and “health-related” products had been particularly encouraging.In the first six months of the year sales were up year-on-year by 16% in Memory Lane Cakes, 18% across the combined businesses of California Cakes and Campbells Cakes, and 14% at the Nicholas and Harris bread business.Sales growth at Lightbody Group, which was acquired by Finsbury last February, stood at 12% and Brooks said the process of “bringing two big businesses together” was progressing well.With the sector facing unprecedented levels of cost increases, Brooks said retailers had been “understanding and supportive” and that talks aimed at passing on these costs were ongoing.A set of price rises were agreed in September but additional increases were now needed.He added that the integration of low-fat cakes business, Anthony Allan, which was acquired in October, was now complete.last_img read more

first_imgThe Handmade Bakery, a not-for-profit community-supported bakery in Marsden, West York-shire, has acquired permanent premises after four months of using the pizza ovens at a local Italian restaurant, Mozzarella’s.The new bakery, on Carr Lane in Slaithwaite, will open on 15 August, and will be the first time the bakery, established in March this year, has had its own premises. Until now, it has been working with other businesses in the community. Its bread is baked at Mozzarella’s and then sold to subscribers through a distribution service at the Riverhead micro-brewery pub and retails at Pennine Wholefoods.The business is run according to the same principles as Community Supported Agricul-ture (CSA), a concept popular in America. It allows the community to become more involved in the cycle of food and have more of a say in how it is produced.The new premises, a couple of miles from Marsden, is located in the same space as a community-owned greengrocers and deli. The bakery will sell its products in the shop, but will continue to distribute, as before, in Marsden, explained community baker and owner of The Handmade Bakery Dan McTiernan.The bakery offers subscriptions of one, three, six or 12 months, with discounts offered dependent on the length of subscription. Subscribers choose from a core range of breads, but are also emailed weekly with a range of speciality breads, which they can choose to switch to.”Transition Town Initiative, a worldwide community-based idea to, for example, lower reliance on fossil fuels and rebuild resilience in communities, had a mailing list of around 150 people in our area – the first people we targeted to subscribe, then it mainly spread through word-of-mouth,” explained McTiernan.The Handmade Bakery produces additive-free bread, such as English Country Cob, Malted and Seeded Granary and The Great White, made from organic and locally sourced ingredients and using traditional slow- fermentation processes.last_img read more

first_imgShoppers, bakers, millers and farmers are being urged to join the crusade for wholesome loaves by becoming members of the Real Bread Campaign.Project officer Chris Young said: “This is the chance for everyone who cares about the state of bread in Britain to add their voices to the unified cry for Real Bread that is better for us, better for our communities and better for the planet.”Its new national membership scheme costs £20 for individuals and £50 for businesses and offers discounts and benefits.Members get four issues of quarterly magazine True Loaf, a membership card offering discounts, access to the members’ area of the Real Bread Campaign website and Real Baker-e, an online community where members can find and share supportive advice, ideas and information, along with invitations to Real Bread events.Discounts include a free eco bag, giving 10% off bread from Gail’s London bakeries, baker’s dozen loyalty cards for free loaves at Oxfordshire-based The Old Farmhouse Bakery and Scottish bakery Tigh Fuine, as well as discounts from bakeries such as Rickmans-worth’s Cinnamon Square, and Cotton’s Craft Bakery, based in Southampton. Further bene-fits, tailored especially to bake-ries and other businesses, such as training courses and sup-port materials, will be added next year.Supported by the Big Lottery Fund which is contributing £240,000 over four years the Real Bread Campaign encourages the increased production and consumption of Real Bread and opposes “questionable industrial substitutes”.The scheme is being launched with a competition to find Silly Loaf Song titles such as ’Loaf and Let Die’ and ’Another Little Pitta my Heart’. The winning entry received @RealBread on Twitter between 14-30 September will receive a year’s free individual membership.last_img read more

21 Apr / 2021

End of a decade

first_imgThat was the year that was. The deepest recession in history, unprecedented industry interference from the food regulator, a series of big name chains toppling like dominoes not to mention a glut of biscuit-related scandals (more of that later), and well, looking back, it could have been a lot worse. In fact, over the course of the year, the number of good news stories among bakery retailers and manufacturers far outweighed the bad, which goes to show it wasn’t all doom and gloom.British Baker firstsl Bakers’ Review joins BB (Jan) l We organise the first-ever National Craft Bakers’ Week alongside the NAMB (June)l BB launches National Cupcake Week, which takes off as a blogging sensation (Sep)l BB supports the new Café+ show (Mar)l Kevin Sibley of newcomer Mama’s Cakes wins the first ever BB National Cupcake-off with a Black Forest Cupcake (Aug)l The Baking Industry Awards, fronted by comedy legend and bakers’ son Ronnie Corbett, sells out in record time, with WC Rowe’s Alan Pearce scooping the top prize Baker of the Year, sponsored by Vandemoortele (Sep) What recession? Still going strongl Cooplands (Doncaster) branches out into wholesale for the first time (16 Jan)l La Crème Patisserie expands wholesale and retail (16 Jan)l Jacksons eyes new wholesale with £1.2m bakery opening (30 Jan) l West Cornwall Pasty Co announces plans for 15 more shops (13 Feb)l 25-shop Esquires Coffee Houses has plans for eight more (13 Feb)l Kerrs Bakery opens £1m factory (27 Feb)l The Bread Factory doubles capacity (13 Mar)l PV France spends £1.2m on Anglesey bakery (13 Mar)l Wholesale giant Brakes launches bakery division La Boulangerie to target foodservice (27 Mar)l James Allen Bakers adds two new shops with sales up 30% (24 Apr)l Wenzels adds five new shops (8 May)l Country Style doubles artisan bread-making capacity with new plant (22 May)l Maison Blanc acquires new outlets as Raymond Blanc returns (22 May)l Pie firm Cappell’s Fine Foods eyes a quadrupling of turnover following its sale (5 Jun)l Giles Foods opens a sweet bakery plant with a £1.5m equipment investment (5 Jun)l Belgique plans to go from eight to 25 shops in three years (5 Jun)l Pasty Presto expands with £1.5m backing (3 Jul)l Nicholas & Harris buys Goswell’s Bakeries including the Vogel’s brand (3 Jul)l Baguette Express looks to grow from 55 to 300 outlets in three years (11 Jul)l Café-bakery chain Cinnabon wants to open 40 stores in five years (14 Aug)l EAT plans to double stores to 200 in three-five years (28 Aug)l Greggs doubles its annual store opening target to 50-60 (23 Oct)l Cooplands (Doncaster) aims to double in size within five years (6 Nov)l Milligans views five new stores (20 Nov)The future of skills brightensl Scottish Association of Master Bakers moves into England and Northern Ireland to offer training (27 Feb)l The National Skills Academy develops pilot modules for a new Professional Bakery course (17 Jul)l Bakery college enrolments soar by up to 160% (9 Oct)l The Skills Academy pilot course is launched (9 Oct)Down but not out, bakery retailers and producers survive administrationl The Bagel Group (30 Jan)l Baker & Spice (27 Feb)l O’Briens’ Irish arm (3 Jul)l Coombs Hampshires (17 Jul)l Coffee Republic (17 Jul)l BB’s Coffee & Muffinsl Firkins (4 Dec)Buzzwords come and buzzwords gol 2009 starts with news that ’natural’ features on two-fifths of UK bakery product launches (16 Jan)l ’Cupcakes’ is the fastest-growing recipe search on Google in the UK (16 Jan)l ’Corporate Social Responsibility’, or CSR, drops from third to 13th on food execs’ list of challenges ahead (16 Jan)l ’BOGOFs’ are tarnished by a report that suggests they contribute to 30% of all food waste (28 Aug)The Food Standards Agency (FSA) earns its keepl Bakery, coffee shop and sandwich chains are pushed to make healthy eating commitments (13 Mar)l FSA plans to introduce sat fat reduction targets; meanwhile, 18 retailers sign up to trial calorie labelling in store (May)l Industry is angered by a demand for calorie reduction as part of its consultation on sat fat reduction in sweet baked goods (14 Aug)l FSA opens consultation on front-of-pack labelling (14 Aug)l FSA issues guidance on whether it’s good or not to eat ham sarnies the answer is ’yes, but not too often’ (28 Aug)l An anti-salt poster campaign is launched featuring bread, which angers just about everybody (9 Oct)l FSA recommends folic acid fortification despite Ireland rejecting it (23 Oct)l A second wave of consultations on sat fats in savoury products is announced (6 Nov)l Independent bakery retailers say they would struggle to implement calorie labelling (4 Dec)but goes too far for some”By saying we don’t think we can meet the 2012 targets, we are being honest. It would be disingenuous to say we can meet them when we can’t” Federation of Bakers director Gordon Polson on FSA salt targets”Although the FSA has stayed away from calling its recommendations ’targets’, we believe they have taken an approach that is too prescriptive” Barbara Gallani of the Biscuit, Cake, Chocolate & Confectionery sector of the Food & Drink Federation on sat fat/calorie reduction”EU law on free trade prevents the UK from legislating for maximum salt in bread” Owen Warnock, law firm EvershedsA year in numbersl BB’s annual league table of bakery retailers shows Subway is the fastest-growing, adding 264 UK outlets in 2008 and catching up fast on leader Greggs. Coffee Republic doubles its outlets in a year (16 Jan)l UK bread prices drop down the world rankings from 70th to 83rd despite ingredients cost rises (30 Jan)l Food processors’ cost base goes up 16% in 2008, but producers of staples such as bread are hardest-hit when passing on costs to retailers, according to a Rabobank report (30 Jan)l Organic bread sales drop 21% (10 Apr)l 77% of ’industry decision-makers’ say coffee shops need to enhance their food offering, as opposed to 6% who disagree (5 Jun)l Cupcake sales rise 22% in the year prior to National Cupcake Week (19 Jun)l Exports of biscuits shoot up by 15.3% and cakes up by 12% (19 Jun)l Bakery retail price inflation runs at 5.6% half that of total food price inflation at 12% as retailers hold prices on staples (22 May)l 12% of retail units are now vacant (31 Jul)l A long-term declining trend of fewer bakery products consumed at breakfast was turned around, growing by 2.6% (25 Sep)l The number of bakery manufacturing businesses in the UK rises from 1,815 to 1,915 (9 Oct)l Multiple in-store bakeries see sales rise 4.8% (6 Nov)l Sales of gluten-free bread soar by 55% (4 Dec)Biscuitgate, parts 1-4l “Fruit was flown in from Paris daily, meat had to come all the way from Yorkes Butchers in Dundee, while the incorrect choice of biscuits for the executives’ afternoon tea was a disciplinary offence. The inclusion of pink wafers on one occasion led to a stern memo headlined ’Rogue Biscuits’” as if disgraced former RBS chief Sir Fred Goodwin didn’t have enough to worry about, an ex-employee of scandal-hit RBS blew the whistle in The Sunday Times on the ’Biscuitgate’ scandal (27 Mar)l “When I told her the posh chocolate biscuits had been listed in the press, she retorted ’Well, you don’t expect me to eat Family Circle under this kind of pressure do you?’ No, I don’t, because she has been bang on in her judgment and the way she has handled our office accounts” expenses scandal-hit Mid Beds MP Nadine Dorries attributed a taxpayer cost of £34.38 for two packs of luxury biscuits to her office administrator Pippa, “who does have one flaw biscuits”, after MPs expenses claims were made public (3 Jul)l “The chocolate HobNob and custard cream of late night telly” More controversial biscuit-related copy, as late-night political TV presenter Andrew Neil introduced co-hosts Diane Abbott and Michael Portillo with this ill-advised epithet (6 Nov)l “I missed the Mumsnet question about biscuits: the answer is absolutely anything with a bit of chocolate on it, but I am trying very hard to cut down” Prime Minister Gordon Brown finally caved in by issuing a statement on Twitter after failing to answer the burning question of our times, ’What is your favourite biscuit?’, posed on 12 separate occasions in an interview on (23 Oct)last_img read more

21 Apr / 2021

In Short

first_imgPret activates PRPret A Manger aims to shake-up its image and promote its store expansion plans with a PR push. The sandwich and coffee chain has hired Lewis PR to look after consumer, corporate and social media PR globally,which will cover the opening of new outlets in the UK and its launch in France, as well as its 25th birthday celebrations this year.UB quiet on rumourUnited Biscuits has refused to comment on media reports that it hopes to auction its biscuits division for about £1.5bn, after China’s Bright Food walked away from acquiring the whole company.Morrisons’ donationThe new Morrisons supermarket in Birmingham donated its first batch of 100 loaves of bread to the Salvation Army in Handsworth. The store, on Holyhead Road, is due to open on 31 January and the ovens were being tested for the grand opening.Millers to raise pricesFWP Matthews has become the latest miller to increase the price of its flour, following the continued rise in wheat prices. The price of its Cotswold and Cotswold Organic flours will increase by £50/tonne from 31 January. Another miller, Doves Farm, said it, too, would be forced to increase prices in the spring.last_img read more

first_imgGb Plange is helping craft bakers overcome the challenges of producing Tiger bread and rolls with an innovative new product.Its Tiger Paste has been developed to give breads a crusty flavour, aroma and attractive shiny appearance. Users only need to add water to the mix.General manager Marie Parnell said: “Tiger Bread has proved to be a bit of a headache for our industry; historically a fat-based liquid product or a powder-based concentrate was used to top the bread, but the fat-based products don’t give a good crust and can be expensive to use, while the powder-based products can be rather lacking in flavour. We hope this innovative new product will enable more bakers to produce this style of speciality bread, which presents a premium profit opportunity.”Tiger Paste is available in 12kg bags and has a shelf-life of eight months.last_img read more

first_imgKingsmill has announced it has officially been certified by the Halal Food Authority as halal-compliant.The majority of the brand’s products are suitable for vegetarians – with the exception of Kingsmill 50/50 with Omega 3, which contains fish-derived Omega 3 – and while they have always been suitable for a halal diet, the firm said it sought recognition to tie in with its packaging relaunch, announced last month.This accreditation certifies that those Kingsmill bread and bakery goods with the Halal Food Authority logo are allowed under Islamic dietary guidelines, said the firm.Guy Shepherd, category director at Allied Bakeries, said: “This demonstrates our dedication to catering to differing consumer needs. The accreditation means that it’s easy and simple for retailers and consumers to be confident that these products are suitable for a halal diet.”There are a number of ingredients that may be found in bakery that are not halal. According to the Islamic Services of America, L-Cysteine is an amino acid used as a dough conditioner and is often sourced from duck feathers or human hair, although there are synthetic versions available. Shortenings, such as lard, may also be made from animal sources.last_img read more

first_imgAn £85m investment in fresh food helped Sainbury’s sales improve by 4.6% in its fourth quarter, the supermarket retailer revealed this morning.Chief executive Justin King claimed the investment was “delivering real results”, as sales of its Basics range increased by 10% and its Taste the Difference also improved by 20%.Sainsbury’s also reported that the training of 18,000 staff at its bakery and food colleges was paying off and had “resulted in sales from our counters growing faster than at any other retailer”.Sainsbury’s said its like-for-like sales (LFLs), excluding fuel, increased by 2.6% in the quarter, topping a good year for the retailer, which saw comparable sales for the year up by 2.1%. As well as the returns from the investment in its food offer, Sainsbury’s said its convenience, online and non-food areas were all showing growth “ahead of the market”.Commenting on the company’s performance, King said: “Our strategy of delivering universal customer appeal is succeeding in the current economic climate. Our unique own-label ranges enable customers to save money when they need to and to treat themselves, their friends and families on special occasions. Through Brand Match, customers are increasingly aware of the great value Sainsbury’s offers. They are inspired by Live Well for Less, which helps them find ways to make their money go further without compromising on quality. We continue to outperform the market and gain market share.”He also highlighted the opportunities ahead with the Diamond Jubilee, Olympics and Paralympics.last_img read more

first_img Pinterest Following extensive consultation with the Irish government, medical authorities and the administrative staffs at Navy and Notre Dame, the football game scheduled for Aug. 29 between the two institutions will not be played at Aviva Stadium in Dublin, Ireland, due to the coronavirus pandemic.The two teams plan to open the season in Annapolis, Maryland, at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium. The 94th-consecutive game of the longest-continuous-intersectional rivalry in the country will likely be played Labor Day weekend (Saturday or Sunday) and be televised nationally by ESPN or ABC.“Our student-athletes have had great experiences competing in Ireland and are very disappointed not to be returning to Dublin in 2020,” said Jack Swarbrick, Vice President and James E. Rohr Director of Athletics at Notre Dame. “The change of venue has been a very difficult decision for our colleagues at the Naval Academy, but we are in full support of their choice. We are also grateful for everything our partners in Ireland have done to make this a smooth transition. We look forward to going back to Ireland for a game in the not too distant future.”“We are obviously disappointed not to be traveling to Ireland this August,” said Naval Academy Director of Athletics Chet Gladchuk. “But, as expected, our priority must be ensuring the health and safety of all involved. I am expecting that we will still be able to play Notre Dame as our season opener, but there is still much to be determined by health officials and those that govern college football at large. Once we have a definitive plan in place, we will announce the specifics pertaining to the game.”“College football is one of the greatest spectacles in world sport and we had been thoroughly looking forward to welcoming Navy and Notre Dame here this summer for the first game of the Aer Lingus College Football Classic Series,” said Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar.“Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, that is now not possible, but we hope to see both universities return to Aviva Stadium in the coming years. I want to personally thank both Chet Gladchuk and Jack Swarbrick for their efforts to bring the game to Ireland and we hope to welcome both teams back in the near future”The previous installment of the storied rivalry game at Aviva Stadium in 2012 saw more than 35,000 fans travel from the United States. In 2020, around 40,000 people from the U.S. were expected to attend the sold-out game.Both programs will continue to work closely with the event organizers to plan for a return to Ireland in the coming years. Information on ticket refunds will be forthcoming.The scheduled meeting in Annapolis will mark the first time Notre Dame visits Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in the 94-year span of the rivalry. Each prior meeting hosted by Navy has been played at a neutral site. Overall, Notre Dame owns a *79-13-1 record over the Midshipmen. WhatsApp Google+ Facebook Facebook Pinterest Notre Dame home opener relocated from Dublin Twittercenter_img By Carl Stutsman – June 2, 2020 0 317 Notre Dame wide receiver Chase Claypool (83) runs from the pursuit of Louisville defensive back Russ Yeast (3) during the second half of an NCAA college football game in Louisville, Ky., Monday, Sept. 2, 2019. Notre Dame won 35-17. (AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley) The University of Notre Dame announced on Tuesday morning that they will not be playing their home opener against Navy in Dublin, and instead will play against the Midshipmen in Annapolis, MD. This will be the first time that Notre Dame plays in Annapolis.The decision comes after Notre Dame and Navy officials met with health consultants and Irish officials about what issues may come about from continuing with the game as planned. The university says the game will likely be played Labor Day weekend but more details are to come.Below is the full release from Notre Dame: CoronavirusIndianaLocalNewsSouth Bend MarketSports Google+ Twitter WhatsApp Previous articlePursuit ends with police involved shooting, trooper injured by suspect vehicleNext articleConcern about coronavirus spike in letter to Elkhart business community Carl Stutsmanlast_img read more

first_img Colts to allow 12,000+ fans for Ravens game WhatsApp Facebook CoronavirusIndianaLocalNewsSports Pinterest Twitter Google+ Twitter Google+], via Wikimedia Commons” href=””>”> The Indianapolis Colts will allow up to 12,500 fans to attend the Nov. 8 game against the Baltimore Ravens, the team announced Monday.The attendance number for the game was determined after discussions with the Marion County Public Health Department and were set to meet local, NFL, and CDC coronavirus guidelines.Single-game tickets are available now at or via Ticketmaster. Tickets will be sold in “pods” to maintain social distancing requirements between unrelated groups. By Network Indiana – October 19, 2020 0 364 WhatsApp Pinterest Facebook Previous articlePurdue Head Football Coach Jeff Brohm tests positive for COVID-19Next articleThree people hospitalized after crash at SR 23 and New Road in St. Joseph County Network Indianalast_img read more