first_imgAnyone picking up a used Wii U console in this post-holiday lull is in for a nice surprise. It seems that Nintendo decided to tie download games to individual consoles, meaning any games the previous owner downloaded can be re-downloaded, even on to a Wii U that has been completely wiped.You’d expect the games to be tied to a Nintendo Network account, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, or at least it doesn’t matter. If you create a brand new account on a used Wii U $789.00 at Amazon , you can still access the games the previous owner bought without jumping through any hoops.Nintendo has yet to comment on this, but surely it’s something that needs to change?Anyone selling their Wii U now probably isn’t going to invest in one again, but as time passes, and especially if Nintendo releases an updated version of the machine, old consoles get traded in and gamers want to keep their games. For the moment that isn’t possible and has the side effect of gifting those buying used machines free games to play.Chances are that a future Wii U patch will unlink the Nintendo Network account from the actual hardware. When that happens you’ll be able to wipe a machine of the ID as well as transfer it and your content to another console, thus solving the problem. How quickly that happens is anyone’s guess and probably won’t happen anytime soon. Remember, that massive day one patch won’t ship pre-installed on the Wii U until March.via CVGlast_img read more