first_imgWork is already underway to create a working Tricoder, but what about the phasers they use in Star Trek? Well, one guy working in his garage has taken the first steps towards creating one, and it does class as a legitimate weapon.The video above shows what looks to be a homemade phaser constructed by combining a classic Star Trek phaser casing (probably something like this) with a laser unit. Based on the video below, it looks likely to be the laser module from a PlayStation 3 Blu-ray drive, although there’s a number of high power laser pointers that would achieve similar results.You may also notice a smoke machine in the background of the video. That allows us the viewer to get all excited by actually seeing the laser on film. The balloon popping just confirms this could cause someone pain, and very easily blind them. And the sound the phaser makes? It could be added to the video, or the guy may have rigged up something inside the phaser casing to output the audio when the trigger is pressed.As you can see, the build isn’t exactly straightforward, and while it costs under $100 to build, that’s still a substantial payout for what is effectively a toy mod. Still, at the very least it’s going to confuse anyone you confront–probably more so if you’re wearing the correct attire.I think I’ll give this do-it-yourself phaser a miss though, and instead wait for a professional version that actually has different settings including the ability to strike multiple targets, as well as act as a welding torch or to cut through metal.last_img read more