first_imgComplicated match: “We started bad. We do not play in the first half. In the second we were fine, we played a good game, with more chances of danger. We lost some time. Back in October we lived with lost times and we did it again. It is my responsibility”.Prick: “LaLiga is different from the Super Cup and if you go wrong, the rivals outperform you. We can win and lose against anyone. ”Defensive error in the first goal: “I would have to watch it on television. I hope the VAR serves to add up. ” Ipurua:“It is a very difficult field. Here we won 0-1 or 1-2. Today was a similar game. They took advantage of our neglects in the first half and we were able to score in the second half. We were notified three times and the third was a goal. We did not control the game, there was no great dominance of the opponent but we did not play. They played as always, with intensity, very clear ideas, the concepts that the team needs. I congratulate you. “Increase the distance with the leader: “You have to go slowly, be patient and know what the goal is. We care about us, not those above or below. ”The marker invites to sign a nine: “No, a result does not lead me to think about something we have been talking about for quite some time.”Saul on the left side: “In the second half he played a fantastic game.”last_img read more

first_imgEcuador coach Jordi Cruyff, had a conversation this Wednesday with six children between the ages of 10 and 14 from Ecuador, to whom he told, from Spain, that one of the moments that you remember most about your father, Johan, It was a great goal that marked when I was quite old in Holland, in a stadium with an audience.The Spanish-Dutch coach told the children in a virtual dialogue: “I think the moment I remember the most was when I was 34 years old and my father was older, we returned to the Netherlands and played with Ajax, that is a great memory.”Before the first game “there were many doubts from the people” about whether the great Johan Cruyff “could still be a special player, because they remembered my father when he was young and he was fast, but with age he played in the midfield because he was already it wasn’t that fast. ““In that first match he scored a great goal and at that moment the whole stadium was admired, surprised and I remember, like his son, that that moment was very emotional,” said the coach in the dialogue organized by the Ecuadorian Football Federation, in the midst of the quarantine experienced in both countries by the coronavirus pandemic.He also recalled the episode of that same year when his father, at the time of a penalty kick, “instead of charging direct, made a wall with another player. I remember that the entire stadium was silent as if to say, what happened here ? and the opponents looked at the referee to see if this was a legal goal or not. The stadium continued in silence until the referee indicated it was a goal. ““When I was little, at first I didn’t understand why people came with a paper and a pencil to ask my father to put his name on that piece of paper.Or, and over time you realize that when people approached my father they were excited. Over time I understood that he was a respected man, he was an idol and quite loved, “he said. “I was born in the Netherlands. Eight days after I was born I was already in Spain, because my father played in Barcelona, I had to live in various places like Spain, Holland, U.S, so I have no problem adapting quickly wherever I go, “he said.The children’s curiosity led Jordi to confess that his idol as a child “was striker Marco Van Basten who, apart from succeeding at Ajax, Milan, the Dutch national team, seemed to me an extraordinary player”. Such sympathy arose, “I suppose, because (Van Basten) lived in the Netherlands and I could see him train, watch him play; he had a great impact on me,” he added.About the quarantine he meets in Spain with his childrenCruyff revealed: “While I clean the house, I keep it in order, that the food is not lacking, my children cook, in that they are better than me. I am learning to do different things,” he accepted.In another of the infants’ questions regarding Ecuadorian food, the coach indicated that he has tried “the encebollado. I have to confess that one of the pleasant surprises that I have had has been the food, because the meats, the fish, the vegetables are all very good in Ecuador,” he said.He assured that managing the Ecuadorian team “is a big, difficult challenge. There is a hobby of a whole country, demanding; It is normal, where everyone has the head of a coach with a different alignment, I think one of the things that can help me in this job in the end is that we speak the same language. “The unusual interview concluded by asking Ecuadorians for a lot of discipline, character, and strength to overcome this crucial moment due to the pandemic.. “When this happens I will grab a ball, I will hit it with such force that I will take it out of the stadium and hopefully with the national team it can bring happiness to everyone,” added Jordi Cruyff.last_img read more