first_imgThe man from Cádiz is born where he feels like it. So they say in Cadiz and there is no better example than Michael Robinson, which despite its British origin (Leicester, United Kingdom) he always felt from Cadiz. “Someone has said that I am British but it is not so, I am from Cádiz and it is already known, but bad tongues always say that” he said Robinson. Cádiz adopted him as a son and found his home in Olvera, “here I find spiritual peace”, he always repeated. His commitment to the town made everyone keep a special affection for him.Robinson arrived in Olvera thanks to the Peña Cadista de Olvera Michael Robinson, and quickly integrated with the townspeople. Paco Medina, president of the peña, affirms that “he was in Olvera about seven times. When he walked through the streets of the town, he greeted people as if he knew everyone. There is even a pub that named Robinson for the gin and tonic that he drank. “Paco Medina remember the last time you were with Robinson, an appointment that he considers a gift of life. “It was in October in Madrid, and I think it was a gift to be with him from six in the afternoon until around eleven, and because they told us to leave. He was an incredible person. We had spoken on WhatsApp several times, no I liked to disturb his schedule, but that day I passed in front of the SER chain and I went to ask about him. It didn’t take him two minutes to reply that he was waiting for him at the bar next door. There they gave us eleven at night with our beers and gin and tonics. I was like, ‘Michael, alcohol?’ And he said, ‘The doctor has told me that stress is not good for cancer, and I get stress if I don’t smoke and don’t drink.’ “When the club was founded, one of the members proposed the name of the Briton, they voted for it and it was approved by a majority, so Paco Medina got down to work to contact Robinson, although he admits that he did not have much hope. “I had doubts that this man came to a town of nine thousand inhabitants and, furthermore, we could not afford the trip either.” But to his surprise, “Robinson did not put any impediment, he took a flight and an AVE to be on the rock that afternoon, slept in a hotel and the next day opened the Peña Cadista de Olvera Michael Robinson. It was quite an event in town. “ On the day of the inauguration, the president of the club was in charge of helping him take care of his image. “He radiated affection, closeness. I controlled his image the first day he arrived in Olvera, a small town. People started to heat up in celebration and wanted to go to a pub carrying Michel on their shoulders. I told him that it seemed better to me that he go to the hotel to rest. Michael said goodbye to people and came to me saying, ‘You are a perfect bastard, but I’m going to sleep.’ I loved that. He was aware of the image he represented and that going to the pub could mean being publicly harmed. “Paco Medina stays with humanity and the professionalism of Robinson. “What has come to me the most, besides his humanity, is how professional he was for everything. He told me that he was so overwhelmed when he signed it Liverpool that he left town and called his mother to say he didn’t know if he would be able to meet people’s expectations. “Also when he worked on television, he was very demanding, Medina says,” he wanted everything, music, the lights … I wanted everything to be perfect. Michael Robinson was from another galaxy. “Such it was Michael Robinson’s commitment to Olvera, who had already planned a day at the Peña Cadista to help people suffering from cancer. “We had a day that, if it hadn’t been for the coronavirus, it would have already been done. I was going to come to Olvera to speak of cancer to an association of the people called ALUDA to encourage and push them to continue fighting. “Paco Medina describes Michael as “a person with a lot of humanity and with his little point of guiri, he had a heart that did not fit in his chest and he was always ready for anything. “And he adds,” he was shy, he liked giving more than receiving. “The one who will always be his town in Cádiz will pay tribute to him once the health crisis ends. “In Olvera we are going to prepare, when the COVID-19 passes, a tribute like he deserves and we want to have important people because it is the least we can do for him, because he was endearing, affectionate, friend …”.“I keep his smile and his desire to live,” he says. Paco Medina. All those who have been able to enjoy Michael Robinson, either personally or as a professional, will surely never forget his smile and his exemplary way of facing the blows of life. DEP, Michael Robinson.last_img read more