first_img Coalition embedded partnering teams in Helmand province continue to mentor and train Afghan National Army soldiers to operate independently. A logistics partnering team at Camp Leatherneck was recently tasked with training, advising and mentoring the 5th Kandak, 1st Brigade, 215th Corps – a national army logistics battalion – on the functions of tactical logistics support, while preparing the Afghan soldiers for unilateral operations, according to Marine Capt. Victor Kamantauskas, a partnering team member. “We have definitely seen a paradigm shift in the [Afghan National Army] where they are more willing to take on their own tasks,” said Kamantauskas. “They are building their confidence and ability to conduct independent operations day by day.” The Kandak soldiers are responsible for providing logistics support to three national army infantry battalions throughout Helmand province. The embedded partnering team conducts daily mentoring sessions spanning a wide-range of logistics and military topics. They also go on partnered combat logistic patrols to provide the soldiers the skills to become a self-sufficient logistics battalion. “We’re taking a ‘back-seat’ approach right now, letting the [Afghan National Army] lead, but eventually we’ll wean off of that,” said Marine Capt. Redmond B. Gautier IV, embedded partnering team executive officer. “That’s not to say our replacing unit won’t have a job, there’s still work to be done. The [Afghan National Army is] definitely taking the lead – more than we expected – and that’s a positive thing.” Afghan National Army Lt. Col. Amanullah Kohbandi, the Kandak’s commanding officer, believes the joint efforts of Afghan and coalition forces will help make a better country for his people. “I’m thankful the Marines are here to help,” said Kohbandi, speaking through an interpreter. “[As a logistics battalion] we’re the heart of the brigade. If the heart stops pumping, the blood stops flowing.” A passion for success is apparent in Kohbandi’s parting words: “As long as there is one drop of blood left in my veins … I will continue to stand and defend my country.” By Dialogo November 29, 2010last_img read more

first_img January 1, 2006 Regular News New MJP rules launched January 1 New MJP rules launched January 1center_img Three new rules that deal with multijuristictional practice in Florida became effective January 1.They include Rule 2.061 of the Florida Rules of Judicial Administration and its counterpart, Rule 1-3.10 of the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar and Bar Rule 1-3.11. The first two deal with out-of-state lawyers who wish to appear in a Florida case pro hac vice. Rule 1-3.11 deals with out-of-state lawyers who wish to appear in a Florida arbitration proceeding. All three are the result of recent amendments to Rule 4-5.5, regarding the multijurisdictional practice of law.The pro hac vice rules require the movant to send a copy of the motion filed with the appropriate court to The Florida Bar, along with a $250 fee, according to Lori Holcomb, the Bar’s UPL counsel. The rules also require the use of a form motion. The form motion is available on the Bar’s Web site at On the right hand side of the home page, click on “Member Tools,” then “Applications.” and look for the link: “see the forms needed to comply” for the form motion.Holcomb said Rule 1-3.11 requires an out-of-state lawyer wishing to appear in an arbitration proceeding in Florida to submit a verified statement and $250 fee to The Florida Bar. A form verified statement is available on the Bar’s Web site at the “Member Tools” application. There are exceptions to submitting the verified statement. Rules 1-3.11 and 4-5.5 should be consulted for the exceptions. Those rules are also available on the Web site.To better understand the rules, here are some common questions and answers. Q — When do the rules take effect? A — All rules except Rule 2.061 of the Florida Rules of Judicial Administration and Bar Rules 1-3.10 and 1-3.11 took effect on September 14, 2005. Rule 2.061 of the Florida Rules of Judicial Administration and Bar Rules 1-3.10 and 1-3.11 took effect January 1. Q – Rule 2.061 of the Florida Rules of Judicial Administration and Bar Rule 1-3.10 allow an attorney to be granted permission to appear via a Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice three times in a 365 day period. If attorney X had a motion granted in 2005, would that case count as one of the three cases? A – No, it would not. As the rules do not take effect until January 1, counting does not begin until that date. Q – What if attorney X has a motion granted in 1999 but the case is still pending? Would that count as one of the three? A – No, it would not. Q – What if attorney X had a motion granted in 2003, 2004, and 2005? All of those cases are still pending. Would attorney X be able to file a Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice in 2006? A – Yes, attorney X would be able to file the motion as the three prior motions were filed before January 1, 2006. Q – What if attorney X filed a motion on January 1, 2006, and the motion was denied? Would that count as one of the three? A – No, it would not. Only motions that are granted count for purposes of the rules. Q – Suppose a case was filed on December 29, 2005, and on January 4, the client retains an out-of-state lawyer to act as co-counsel in the case. Would the motion filed by the out-of-state lawyer count as one of the three? A – Yes, the case would count as one of the three. As the motion was filed after January 1 the rules would apply, so the attorney would have to send a copy of the motion and the fee to The Florida Bar. Q – What if the case was filed on December 29, 2005, and the attorney filed the motion on December 29, 2005, but the judge hasn’t ruled on it yet? Would the attorney have to send a copy to the Bar and would it count as one of the three? A – No, the attorney would not have to send a copy and it would not count as the motion was filed before January 1, 2006. Q – What if a case and motion was filed on January 3 and a hearing was held in that case on February 1, March 3, and April 21? Would the hearings count as part of the three? A – No, what is counted are the motions that are granted, not the number of times the attorney is in court on that case. Q – Do cases filed in federal court count? A – No. The rules only apply to cases filed in Florida state courts. Q – Rule 1-3.11 is similar to the pro hac vice rules but applies to certain arbitration proceedings. Would the answers to the above questions about the number of appearances be the same? A – Yes, the answers would be the same. Q – Let’s say the arbitration was filed in New York but was sent to Florida for the hearings, etc. Would rule 1-3.11 apply? A – Yes, it would apply as the arbitration proceeding is taking place in Florida. Q – What if a case has not been filed yet? May an out-of-state attorney engage in presuit negotiations on a case that would be filed in Florida? A – Yes, as long as the services are in or reasonably related to a pending or potential proceeding before a tribunal in this or another jurisdiction and the lawyer or a person the lawyer is assisting is authorized by law or order to appear in such proceeding or reasonably expects to be so authorized. Q – Do presuit negotiations require the filing of a Motion to Appear and a fee to The Florida Bar? A – No, the motion and fee is required only if the attorney wishes to make an appearance in court. Q – I have a mediation scheduled for February 2, and an out-of-state attorney has said that he is going to be representing the opposing party in the mediation. Is this allowed? A – Yes, as long as the services are performed for a client who resides in or has an office in the lawyer’s home state or the services arise out of or are reasonably related to the lawyer’s practice in a jurisdiction in which the lawyer is admitted to practice. Q – If an attorney comes to Florida and engages in an authorized activity, can the attorney be subject to discipline? A – Yes, if the conduct relates to the authorized activity. Rule 3-4.1 states that “[e]very member of The Florida Bar and every attorney of another state or foreign country who provides or offers to provide any legal services in this state is within the jurisdiction and subject to the disciplinary authority of this court and its agencies under this rule and is charged with notice and held to know the provisions of this rule and the standards of ethical and professional conduct prescribed by this court. Jurisdiction over an attorney of another state who is not a member of The Florida Bar shall be limited to conduct as an attorney in relation to the business for which the attorney was permitted to practice in this state and the privilege in the future to practice law in the state of Florida.” Q – Where do I send the $250 pro hac vice fee? A– Send the check to The Florida Bar, PHV Admission, 651 E. Jefferson St. Tallahassee 32399-2333. Questions regarding the rules should be directed to the Unlicensed Practice of Law Department of The Florida Bar, 651 East Jefferson Street, Tallahassee 32399-2300, (850) 561-5840.last_img read more

first_imgWe are all leaders.Subjugating your leadership to perspectives that minimize your potential are valued by no one.Years ago, I did a vision quest to Tanzania for 21 days and carried only a small duffle, journal, pen, and camera. Most of the time sleeping was in a small tent, with a sleeping bag on the ground or small cot. Meals were prepared outdoors, over a fire, and under the sky. Hikes of 5 to 15 miles a day through the country offered the gift of self-reflection and noticing myself in new surroundings far from home, totally disconnected.A significant learning space were the days when we camped near Hadza, one of the last remaining hunter gather tribes on this planet. Each person in the tribe has a responsibility to learn everything. Gathering tubers, picking berries, hunting game, following the honey birds, gathering and carrying water, and feeding the babies were the responsibility of all. Each person was a leader of the tribe’s bold steps or strategic initiatives: find food and water. Survive. continue reading » 16SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

first_imgAn €8.96m funding package has been announced for the Riverine Project in Lifford and Strabane. The project is set to create thirty acres of new cross-border community park space and infrastructure, designed to help bring people together.The funding sanctioned will allow the cross-border project to encompass a number of unique elements all designed to encourage greater levels of positive cross-community contact. A newly constructed pedestrian footbridge across the River Foyle will be built as part of the project, with cross-border pathways and greenways also being installed to accommodate leisure and recreation activities.The allocation will also see a pavilion building built for various cultural and heritage events, an outdoor wetland and park space for recreation and environmental education activities, and a family fun space comprising of a toddler and junior adventure play area.Representing the Lead Partner Cllr. Nicholas Crossan, Cathaoirleach of Donegal County Council said: “This is an iconic project with the potential to create a unique and transformational cross-border shared space that will see communities in Lifford, Strabane and the wider hinterlands coming together to deliver a project that will not only capture their imagination and inspire action but will act as a symbol of peace and reconciliation for generations to come.“The Riverine project is a multifaceted development and will deliver a unique blend of shared indoor and outdoor space linked by a cross-border pedestrian and cycle bridge enhancing the physical connection between these border communities. “Leading the delivery of this iconic project, that has the potential to transform and profoundly impact the lives of the people living in these border communities, demonstrates the Councils commitment to driving forward the shared vision for prosperous, healthy and inclusive communities.”Cllr Gary Doherty said on Wednesday the project could be “potentially the best news the towns have had in a generation.”He said: “This project is a massive endorsement of the hard work and commitment of community groups in the wider Lifford and Strabane areas.“They actively engaged with both Councils to ensure that the evidence was there to show that this new facility would be used by the community to foster enhanced links and relationships across the border.”Almost €9m funding granted for cross-border Riverine Project was last modified: June 14th, 2019 by Shaun KeenanShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

first_imgToday’s roundtable was organized in collaboration with TiE Delhi, and had a special emphasis on the online education sector with three out of the five entrepreneurs presenting education businesses. Ankur Mehra and his associate Aditya started off by introducing GuruVantage. Ankur and Aditya have determined that training managers at various Indian companies need help with vetting the quality, methodology and infrastructures of various training institutes, training vendors and such. Sramana Mitra is a technology entrepreneur and strategy consultant in Silicon Valley. She has founded three companies, writes a business blog, Sramana Mitra on Strategy, and runs the 1M/1M initiative. She has a master’s degree in electrical engineering and computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her Entrepreneur Journeys book series, Entrepreneur Journeys, Bootstrapping: Weapon Of Mass Reconstruction, Positioning: How To Test, Validate, and Bring Your Idea To Market and her latest volume Innovation: Need Of The Hour, as well as Vision India 2020, are all available from Amazon. In response to that, they are proposing a solution to do both pre-hiring and post-hiring. Prior to hiring, for example, training managers need to assess where candidates have been trained, and what is the quality of training that they provide. In addition, there are additional training needs post-hiring, which training managers address often by hiring training vendors.The key question that Guruvantage needs to answer is whether training managers are willing to pay for the solution or not. If the answer is yes, then the next question is how much are they willing to pay? What this leads us to is first, value proposition validation, then business model validation, followed by pricing model validation. Each stage of validation helps enhance the valuation of a company. And in 1M/1M, we always emphasize the best practice of building as much value, validation and valuation upfront.In addition, we had a specific discussion about segmentation alternatives – based on size of company, vertical, and geographical. Guruvantage has a large vision of doing this kind of training assessment for a wide variety of sectors ranging from engineering to business to the arts. All very well, but they have to pick a segment to enter through. As I told them, by trying to cater to everybody, you end up catering to nobody. You HAVE to go segment by segment.ARROWDevesh Verma was up next to present ARROW, a finishing school solution that helps college graduates become employable. Devesh addresses the issue that a large portion of Indian college grads are not employable because of a lack of essential skills, especially communication. Devesh has three colleges that have told him that they are willing to pay Rs. 150,000 for training 30 students on ARROW. He expects to be able to deliver a 30-student session within Rs. 130,000. Not bad. Now I want to know whether Devesh can find 100 colleges – tier B and tier C colleges since the tier A colleges tend to have their own offerings – who are willing to pay Rs. 150,000 for ARROW. If he can, then there is a business worth building here. And pay attention to the segmentation of who is adopting vs. who isn’t; it will provide great cues to where the highest velocity entry points to the market are.Devesh asked me, “Is the Indian education sector ready for something like ARROW?” My answer is: “A sector’s readiness is a function of the customers’ readiness. So by answering the question – Will more colleges buy? – you will also be able to answer the broad question.”Global ExpertsThen Rahul Jain presented Global Experts, a community of business experts who will be tutoring, coaching and mentoring business students. Rahul has assembled a lot of content on business and management curriculums, and wants to use that to attract potential customers who will then pay to access more personal engagements with experts. In essence, he is proposing a freemium model whereby he uses content to draw in users, and then try to convert a percentage of them to paying customers in the U.S. Well, the paid content model in the U.S. has really imploded, so I have some skepticism about the viability. There are some competitors who seem to have validated the business model to a degree, like So Rahul’s next step is to SEO-optimize the content he has put together and harness a group of users ti see if he can convert a percentage of them (average freemium conversion rate is usually 2%) to paying customers. If Rahul can get to about 5,000 paying customers, paying $250 a year, then he can get to the $1M mark. The question is, can he attract 250,000 students with his free content and then convert 2% of those to paying customers?For these three and other online education entrepreneurs, I would like to take a moment and point you to some online education case studies on my blog. Take a look at Apex Learning, Archipelago Learning, KC Distance Learning, Revolution Prep, and Global English. Intelligent MonitoringNext Vikas Hazrati and Narinder Kumar discussed Intelligent Monitoring. Vikas and Narinder have identified an interesting pain point that IT managers seem to have: a large volume of alerts from various IT monitoring systems without the ability to actionable correlation analysis. They have feedback from three to five IT managers, including one that is willing to pay them to build a solution. To them, my advice is to leverage as much of the “consulting” money that clients are willing to pay to solve the problem, and use that cash to bootstrap the business. I love this kind of customer intimacy through working closely with customers, and getting paid for it. If they can talk to 100 IT managers in the SME segment and get 10 to 15 to pay up, the entire product design and development process can be financed by customers! I referred them to the Bootstrapping To Billions case study in Entrepreneur Journeys, Volume One.SimplogyUp last was Hasnain Zaheer for Simplogy, who wants to offer marketing strategy and execution services from Australia. My advice to him is to zero in on specific marketing processes that can be offered in a remote mode, which could be email marketing, or SEO, SEM, Web design – all those being highly competitive areas – but strategy consulting cannot really be sold online.I started doing my free Online Strategy Roundtables for entrepreneurs in the fall of 2008. These roundtables are the cornerstone programming of a global initiative that I have started called One Million by One Million (1M/1M). Its mission is to help a million entrepreneurs globally to reach $1 million in revenue and beyond, build $1 trillion in sustainable global GDP, and create 10 million jobs. In 1M/1M, I teach the EJ Methodology which is based on my Entrepreneur Journeys research, and emphasize bootstrapping, idea validation, and crisp positioning as some of the core principles of building strong fundamentals in early stage ventures. In addition, we are offering entrepreneurs access to investors and customers through our recently launched our 1M/1M Incubation Radar series. You can pitch to be featured on my blog following these instructions.The recording of this roundtable can be found here. Recordings of previous roundtables are all available here. You can register for the next roundtable here.Photo by Mary Gober. Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting sramana mitra 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Related Posts center_img Tags:#start#StartUp 101 Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…last_img read more

7 Nov / 2019

State Wrap

first_imgHere is the latest news from around the states…ACT The 2010 Premier League season commenced on Wednesday, 12 May 2010 at the Deakin fields, ACT. In the Men’s division, Brother Bears were 4-1 winners over the ANU Bears, while Phoenix Gold were one touchdown winners over Phoenix Blue. The Vikings Warriors just edged out the Vikings Chiefs, 3-2, while Northbar defeated the Eagles 5-2. In round two, the Chiefs take on Northbar, the Eagles will meet Phoenix Blue, Brother Bears will play the Warriors, while the ANU Bears will battle it out against Phoenix Gold. In the Women’s division, nothing separated the two Phoenix teams, with Phoenix Blue and Phoenix Blue having to settle for a 4-all draw. It was very similar between the two Vikings team, with Vikings White and Vikings Red playing out a 5-all draw. The Kung Fu Pandas defeated the Hillbilly Bears, 6-3, while the Eagles had the bye.Round two will see Phoenix Blue take on Vikings Red, the Eagles versus Vikings White and Phoenix Gold playing the Hillbilly Bears. The Kung Fu Pandas have the bye. There are also some new faces in the ACT Touch offices, with three new employees recently starting. Rod Wise is the new Business Development Manager, Ben Kirk is the Competitions and Event Manager and Nikita Hellmuth comes into the Competitions Coordinator role.For more information, please visit the ACT Touch Territory The Northern Territory Touch Association recently held their NT Titles in Darwin. In the Men’s Open division, Cazaly Crocs were 7-3 winners over Honkers in the final, with Ramingining’s Cameron Adams named Player of the Series. In the Women’s Open final, CDE Capital Crocs just edged out the Blackest Cats, winning 5-4. The Blackest Cats’ Bo De La Cruz was named Player of the Series.In the Under 18 Mixed Division final, Gove were 7-5 winners over Alice Springs, with Gove’s Mariah McGill and Aka McLeod named Male and Female Player of the Series respectively. The Over 35’s Women’s final saw Cougars run out 7-3 winners over Gumbies, with Leanne Campbell being named Player of the Series. Gove were 7-6 winners in the Regional Men’s division, while Alice Springs was the winner of the Regional Women’s division. The Barry Hounslow Memorial Trophy for overall Player of the Series was awarded to Desley Motlop from the CDE Capital Crocs. The Bubbles Peckham Memorial Trophy for Sportsmanship was awarded to Ramingining’s Cameron Adams. The Referee of the Tournament was awarded to Jason Taylor. There were also three referee upgrades at the Titles. Paul Mahoney was upgraded to a Senior Level 4 badge, as was Kerryn Ruane. Jason Taylor was upgraded to an Open Level 3 Badge. NT Director of Referees Tim Pearson and TFA National Referee Panel Member Henry Dos Santos were at the Titles assessing the performance of officials. For more information, and to read a story on the drastic lengths that the Ramingining team went to to get to the NT Titles, please go to the NT Touch website: South WalesIt’s been a busy couple of weeks for New South Wales Touch Football, and it won’t slow down anytime soon, with the New South Wales Country Championships being held on Saturday, 29 and Sunday, 30 May 2010. New South Wales Touch will also be conducting an advanced Coaching seminar in the lead up to the Country Championships, for more information, please visit the New South Wales Touch Football website. The New South Wales Touch Referees Awards night was held recently, with Adam Foley and Gavin West named the joint winners of the prestigious ‘Ian Matthew Medal’. It was Foley’s third consecutive year winning this award. New South Wales will hold its technical course weekend from Friday, 18 June to Sunday, 20 June 2010. Courses to be held on the weekend include the Coach and Referee Retention and Recruitment Program, Community (Level 0) Coaching Course, Level 1 and 2 Coaching as well as Level  1 and 2 Selectors Courses. For more information, please visit the New South Wales Touch Football website. New South Wales Touch Football has also announced information on the 2010 Vawdon Cup season. The season will commence on Friday, 27 August 2010. New South Wales will also hold its AGM on Saturday, 15 May 2010. Please visit the New South Wales Touch Football website for more information. Football Victoria will be holding a Level 2 Referee Course on Saturday, 22 May 2010. For more information please visit their website. The start of the new Albert Park competition has suffered a setback, with the commencement of the new season pushed back. Due to unforeseen weather conditions, the work on installing the synthetic pitches and light towers has been delayed. Therefore, the proposed start date of Tuesday, 11 May has been delayed. The trials for the Touch Football Victoria Under 18 representative squads will be held on Sunday, 16 May at Albert Park Touch fields. The trial times are as follow:Under 18 state selection trials – 9.00am to 11.00amUnder 15 state selection trials – 11.00am to 1.00pmVisit the Touch Football Victoria website for more Australia The draft draw has now been released for the 2010 Be Active North West Championships which will be held on Saturday, 5 June and Sunday, 6 June 2010. The Championships will be held at Kevin Scott Oval, South Hedland. Nominations for any interested referees are open until Wednesday, 19 May 2010. Go to and download the form. National Youth Championships player nominations are now being called for. Nominations close on Friday, 28 May with trials to be held on Sunday, 13 and Sunday, 20 June 2010. For more information and to download the nomination form, please visit the Western Tigers website: A Level 1 Referee Course will be held on Sunday, 16 May at the Melville Bowling Club. A combined Level 2 and 3 Course will also be run in Port Hedland on Friday, 4 June in the lead up to the North West Championships. To keep up-to-date with the latest Touch Football news from Western Australia, please visit their website:www.touchwest.comSouth AustraliaNominations for the 2010 State Cup are now open. This is the first South Australian State Cup since 2004 and the event is set to become South Australia’s premier Touch Football event. The State Cup will be held from Friday, 29 to Sunday, 31 October 2010 at the Touch Football South Australia fields, Eastwood. For more information, please visit the event Touch Football South Australia would like to advise that trials for their junior state teams, Under 12’s, Under 15’s and Under 18’s, will be occurring on Saturday, 5 and Sunday, 6 June at the Touch Football South Australia fields. To download trial forms, please go to the Touch Football South Australia website. TFSA would like to congratulate Jason McNamara and Mark Jones on their selection as the South Australian Under 18’s Girls and Boys Coaches respectively. In round four of the Men’s division of the CMI Toyota State League, the Defence Eagles were 6-5 winners over the Central Scorpions, the Northern Vipers were five touchdown winners over the South West Wolves, while the Eastern Stingrays had the bye. In round five, the Scorpions were one touchdown winners over the Wolves, the Stingrays were 6-2 winners over the Eagles, while the Vipers had the bye. Following five rounds of competition, the Stingrays sit on top of the ladder, following their undefeated start to the season. The Eagles and Scorpions sit in second and third place, with two wins each, while the Wolves and the Vipers sit in fourth and fifth place with one win each.Round six, to be played on Sunday, 16 May, will see the Vipers take on the Scorpions, the Stingrays will meet the Wolves, and the Eagles have the bye. In the Women’s division of the CMI Toyota State League, round four saw the Stingrays defeat the Vipers by one touchdown, 4-3, while the Scorpions defeated the Wolves, 3-2.In round five, the Vipers were one touchdown winners over the Wolves, while the Scorpions were 5-1 winners over the Scorpions. After five rounds, the Scorpions are undefeated and sit on top of the ladder, followed by the Vipers, Stingrays and Wolves.Round six will see the top two teams, the Scorpions and the Vipers, battle it out, while the Wolves and the Stingrays will also meet.  For more information, please visit the Touch Football South Australia rounds of the Southern Touch Winter competition have now been played. In the Men’s Division One competition, the Phantoms Black sit on top of the ladder with five wins from their five games. Condors and Phantoms Purple sit in second and third places respectively, with four wins and one loss each. In the Women’s Division One competition, the Mother Ship and Condors are first and second on the ladder, both with four wins and one loss. The Titans sit on top of the Mixed Division One ladder after five rounds, undefeated so far this season. They are closely followed by Shear Force and Phantoms. For more information on what’s happening in Tasmania, please visit the Touch Football Tasmania QueenslandThe Queensland State Cup was held in Bundaberg on the first weekend of May, with the home side featuring in four of the seven finals. Here are the results:Women’s 27’s:  Australian Defence 5 d Bundaberg W27 3Women’s Open: Barbarians 9 d Bundaberg WO 1Senior Mixed: Rockhampton 5 d Uni Rebels 4Men’s 40’s: Bundaberg 3 d Redlands 2Men’s 30’s: Redlands 4 d Bundaberg 1Men’s Open: Redlands 9 d Eagles 2Mixed Open: Rockhampton 6 d Baby Yacks 5 (Drop off)Nominations for the 2010 Junior State Cup are now open. The event will be held in Caboolture from Friday, 9 to Sunday, 11 July 2010. For more information please go to the Queensland Touch website or the Junior State Cup homepage: For more information on what’s happening around Queensland, please visit the Queensland Touch read more

first_imgAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Chelsea defender Christensen hopes Mount injury not seriousby Paul Vegasa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveChelsea defender Andreas Christensen hopes Mason Mount’s injury isn’t serious.Mount was forced off early in their Champions League defeat to Valencia.Christensen said, “Mason has been very important for us, he is great for us in our build-up and he is dangerous in front of goal so obviously he was a big loss, but then we have great players to come on so it should not hurt us too much. Hopefully he is not too bad as he is an important player.”On Ross Barkley’s late spotkick miss, the Dane added: “We know Ross, he is going to take the next one as well, he always feels confident with penalties, he is one of the best ones which is why he was on the penalty today.” last_img read more

first_imgItaly coach Mancini delighted to have booked place at Euro 2020by Carlos Volcano13 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveItaly coach Roberto Mancini is delighted to have booked their place at Euro 2020.Mancini praised Italy for showing “patience” to beat Greece 2-0.The Azzurri have won all seven games in Group J and qualified for Euro 2020 with three matches to spare, something the Nazionale have never previously achieved.Jorginho converted a penalty and Federico Bernardeschi’s shot was deflected to secure the victory.Mancini said, “The lads did really well. First of all, I want to thank the fans at the Olimpico for coming out and supporting us, even if the first half when we were a bit tense, perhaps nervous at being back in Rome.“We wanted to dedicate the win to the kids at the children’s hospital,” the Coach told Rai Sport, referring to this week’s team visit.Greece put up a brick wall for an hour, but were eventually broken down by a penalty.“We’ll meet teams who sit back and defend. We were too frenetic in the first half, but should’ve patiently moved the ball around to open up spaces. Instead, we started long balls and that’s no good.“It was a much more relaxed second half, we kept focused and achieved our objective.” About the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

first_imgAbout the authorFreddie TaylorShare the loveHave your say Chelsea winger Pulisic: I know scoring touch will come backby Freddie Taylor5 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveChristian Pulisic isn’t worried about his lack of goals for Chelsea.The American played an integral role in Chelsea’s winner against a stubborn Newcastle outfit on Saturday.He is yet to score for the Blues, but that didn’t ruin his positivity after the 1-0 victory at Stamford Bridge.”It was a really good game, happy for the team, had a strong performance, they defended really well, and I was happy to make an impact,” Pulisic told ESPN after the match. “I was going to shoot last-second, but I saw Tammy wide open and then DeAndre [Yedlin, Pulisic’s US team-mate] made an unbelievable block, so maybe I should have shot it. “I just don’t have that scoring touch but I know it will come back.” last_img read more

first_img Speaking with JIS News, CPFSA Acting Regional Director, Francine Rhoomes, said that the event will provide an opportunity for staff who do not work in the homes to spend quality time with the children, through fun and games and other activities These include foster care officers or persons who provide counselling outside of the facilities. The Child Protection and Family Services Agency’s (CPFSA) Southern Region will stage its inaugural ‘Facility Day’ on Wednesday (July 11) at St. Monica’s Children’s Home in Chapelton, Clarendon. Story Highlights The Child Protection and Family Services Agency’s (CPFSA) Southern Region will stage its inaugural ‘Facility Day’ on Wednesday (July 11) at St. Monica’s Children’s Home in Chapelton, Clarendon.The day of activities, which gets under way starting at 9:00 a.m., is targeted at officers in Clarendon, St. Elizabeth, and Manchester.Speaking with JIS News, CPFSA Acting Regional Director, Francine Rhoomes, said that the event will provide an opportunity for staff who do not work in the homes to spend quality time with the children, through fun and games and other activities These include foster care officers or persons who provide counselling outside of the facilities.“Staff who do not interact with the children on a daily basis, or have minimal interaction, will now have the chance to interface with them,” Ms. Rhoomes said.“The day will also provide the children with the opportunity to interact with unfamiliar faces and for the staff to forget that they are adults and just have fun time with the children,” she added.She said that at the end of the day, she expects that officers who work in the field will better understand the experience of children who live in the residential facilities.“In general, we want our children to be placed in family-based settings, so when an officer who is responsible for writing court reports spends a day with a child, they will better understand how a child who is placed in a facility feels,” she contended. The CPFSA Southern Region’s Facility Day involves support from Dynamic Life Foundation.St. Monica’s Children’s Home is a privately run facility that receives budgetary and other support from the Government. The day of activities, which gets under way starting at 9:00 a.m., is targeted at officers in Clarendon, St. Elizabeth, and Manchester.last_img read more