first_imgLaro’s football tastes match those of his father, although his youth team surprises: “I used to be from Madrid, as a child. But it was watching Messi play …, and now I’m from Barça. By Messi”. He is also aware of the pressure that Quique will be subjected to: “He is training the best in the world, in one of the best teams in Europe. It’s Barça, everyone knows Messi, Suárez, everyone” . Although he does not doubt the character of the former Betis to handle the costumes: “My father gets angry when he has to get angry, but he’s a close guy who helps you whenever he can. “Finally, he acknowledged that the rapidity of events has left him barely dealing with his father: “Nothing, since the presentation I have barely been able to talk to him calmly.” Moment after which he was asked about one of the topics he has most talked about after the staging of Setién, the famous cows: “At the end of the day we live in a country town. Cows, goats, there is everything there“, he slipped without giving more importance, to which he adds:” I go whenever I have time “. Laro Setién, son of the new coach of Barcelona, has analyzed the arrival of his father in Can Barça: “I do not know if the dream, but it is the illusion of his life, that sure”, recognized the player of the Sant Andreu of the Third Catalan Division in the microphones of ‘El Larguero’ of the SER chain. “Things are seen on social networks and you see dad’s name coming out”, he says about how he learned about Barca’s interest in incorporating his father into the squad. “I call him and ask him, but In the end it was he who told me. He told me he was coming to see me (Sant Andreu plays in San Andrés de Palomar, in Barcelona) and I figured a little there. Although with networks sometimes you find out sooner than by your close people. “last_img read more