first_imgSeptember is often overlooked as key month in the Kimberley cruising calendar, but for the Coral Expeditions crew this month brings many unique rewards. Here are seven reasons why:It offers a whale of a time! September is the season to get up close and personal with the majestic Humpback Whale. The humpbacks migrate from the icy waters of the Antarctica to Kimberley’s warm tropical waters between June and October but September is the best month to get a glimpse of them calving after the mating is done. With Coral’s onboard marine biologist, guests are given an immersive whale-watching experience and have a good chance of seeing one of the 35,000 creatures who visit the Kimberley coast.Tranquillity. September marks the end of the dry season, so tours taper off and visiting numbers decrease, giving those who make the effort to visit this region, the opportunity to experience the Kimberley at its most tranquil.It is blooming show. Wildflowers start blooming in the Kimberley from July but really reach their peak in September. Wildflowers of all colours, sizes and shapes, like the grevilleas or Kimberley rose or any number of the 65 species of Acacia (wattle) can be seen lining rivers and lakes and across the region.The birds and the bees. September sees the migration of half a million wading birds arriving on the coast from their breeding grounds in Siberia, which is a truly spectacular sight to behold. Many of these birds are still sporting their colourful breeding plumage and bring their chicks in tow, who are often only weeks old.Turtle time. While turtles can be seen all year round in the Kimberley, sightings can increase during the early part of the nesting season as turtles gather, in masses or alone, on beaches to lay their eggs. Australia is home to six of the seven species of sea turtle found in the world with the Flatback only nesting in Australia, but is most abundant on the northern WA coastline. With hatching occurring from October onward, September is a great time to spot turtles in the nesting phase.A land of contrast. As the Kimberley enjoys the balmy days before the onslaught of the rainy season, the landscape offers contrasts between the burnished ochre and reds of the land and the brilliant aqua tapestry of rivers that run through the region. It also makes for great swimming conditions in Kimberley’s, occasional, crocodile-free pools.Smooth sailing. Clear skies, warm days and balmy nights create ideal sailing conditions, and evening sunsets are a not to be missed experience.Coral Expeditions offers a 10-night Darwin to Broome (v.v) itinerary which includes two shore excursions per day, from exploring prehistoric Aboriginal rock art galleries with an expert guide to hopping in a Zodiac for a thrilling awe-inspiring cruise through the Horizontal Falls, described by Sir David Attenborough as “one of the greatest natural wonders of the world”. Other highlights include cruising the Prince Regent River before arriving at King Cascades, enjoying an Australian Beach barbecue and sunset drinks, as well as witnessing the tidal phenomena at Montgomery Reef.With facilities tailor-made for expedition cruising including the unique ‘Xplorer’ excursion vessel and a fleet of inflatable Zodiacs, coupled with the expert local knowledge of Coral Expeditions’ experienced Expedition Team, guests will complete this voyage with a new understanding and respect for this region.last_img read more