first_imgQantas has been accused by an Australian union of underpaying its New Zealand-based crew through a wholly owned subsidiary which operates services on the trans-Tasman routes.The Australian and International Pilots Association (AIPA) say that pilots working for Jetconnect, a wholly Qantas owned subsidiary, are currently being paid 40% less than pilots hired directly under Qantas and has taken legal action in a bid to bring pay parity.Despite Jetconnect operating many of Qantas’ trans-Tasman services, flying planes in Qantas livery and wearing Qantas uniforms, the union is arguing that they are not being paid anywhere near their Australian counterparts.Formally lodging a legal complain with Fair Work Australia, the union says the Qantas group of companies was subverting Australian employment laws and threatening the jobs of pilots in Australia.“Effectively Qantas is off shoring Trans Tasman flying via its offshoot Jetconnect.  It is a deliberate strategy to drive down wages and conditions.  There is not enough work for Qantas mainline pilots to do while at the same time Qantas sends our jobs offshore on lower rates of pay,” said Barry Jackson, AIPA President.“Less than 6 months ago the bulk of Qantas Trans-Tasman flying was being done by Qantas pilots, whereas now the work is being done by Jetconnect pilots on far less money.”If successful, it will bring the wages of the New Zealand-based pilots up dramatically, but on the downside, New Zealand-based jobs may be lost as the competitive advantage of hiring Kiwis does down.Jetconnect co-pilots reportedly earned some AUD65,000 and captains AUD$107,000, while Qantas co-pilots can look forward to some AUD103,000 and captains AUD162,000. <a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”;cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE&amp;n=a5c63036″ border=”0″ alt=””></a> Source = e-Travel Blackboard: W.Xlast_img read more