first_imgOtago Daily Times 6 August 2012The Roman Catholic Bishop of Dunedin, the Most Rev Colin Campbell, received “nasty” emails after he urged Catholics to oppose a new abortion clinic for Invercargill. More than 8000 parishioners across the Otago and Southland diocese yesterday were read a letter from the bishop saying Catholics were opposed to abortion and “we must do all we can to prevent this culture of death spreading in our country”. Bishop Campbell said he had emails supportive of his stance. “But I have received some nasty emails too, and some are quite personal.” He declined to talk about the exact contents, saying only “I would describe them as offensive”. “The unfortunate thing about this is that the people think this is just a religious thing, but it not just a religious matter. “It is a human matter. “It is not just a woman’s life … There are two lives involved.” Bishop Campbell said those opposing the church’s stance tended to argue that as abortion was legal “they seem to presume that [abortion] is moral, where in fact that is not the case”. “This is taking the life of an unborn child,” he said. By opposing the Southern District Health Board’s plan to establish the Invercargill abortion service, it could potentially stop the “spread” of abortions to Dunedin and elsewhere, he said. read more