first_imgA recent report from Working Group I of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [IPCC, 2007] highlighted the increasingly precise observations of sea level rise that are obtainable from satellite measurements and the greater certainty in the projected impacts of climate change on nonpolar glaciers and thermal expansion of the oceans. This improved understanding heightens confidence in projections of sea level rise, but the IPCC’s assessment specifically excludes the contribution that could arise from rapid changes in the flow of ice sheets.last_img read more— Mike Gundy (@CoachGundy) June 16, 2020Hubbard in a tweet Tuesday addressed the change he expects to see at Oklahoma State, and it indeed sounds bigger than a coach’s T-shirt or players’ earrings.”I was never wrong for saying what I said,” Hubbard tweeted. “I am a man, and I realized I should have went to him as a man face to face rather than on twitter. That’s my opinion. But I had to hold him accountable either way. I am glad things happened the way they did because things are being changed as we speak!”I am a young black man that wants change. I want change that will bring a better experience for my black brothers and sisters at Oklahoma State. It’s that simple. Over these next few months I have left at Oklahoma State, I will be working EVERYDAY to bring change to this organization and to the world. I will be supported by my teammates along with people within this organization. To everyone else, trust me when I say that good will come from this.” But apparently the specifics of change as requested by Gundy’s players are not those that were reported by Fox Sports radio host Doug Gottlieb on Tuesday.BENDER: Mike Gundy needs to talk less, listen more Star Cowboys running back Chuba Hubbard on Sunday publicly called out his coach for wearing a One America News T-shirt, prompting both support from his teammates and an awkward apology in a video with Gundy on Monday. On Tuesday, Gottlieb tweeted what he described as a list of demands for change the players made in a meeting with their coach.Oklahoma State player demands a change in policy – 1) Earrings 2)Du-Rag/Wave-Cap 3)Ability to Sag pants 4) Hair 5) Music – Music previoisly could not contain curse words, derogatory language toward women/race – These were damands, all agreed to by Gundy #NoSarcasm— Doug Gottlieb (@GottliebShow) June 16, 2020It didn’t take long for Oklahoma State players to push back against the report.Be careful what you say and who you listen to. The entirety of this isn’t true and depicts a bad image on us. I haven’t heard anywhere within the program that someone wants to play music that is disrespectful towards women. This isn’t the sincere objective we’re trying to achieve— Amen Ogbongbemiga (@closedprayer) June 16, 2020The media loves to create negative stereotypes…— Jarrick T. Bernard (@TheJBnard) June 16, 2020If you wasn’t there don’t speak on it.— Big Cam (@CamCam700) June 16, 2020Ya you talking out your neck on this one but good try!— Devin Harper🎈 (@DevinHarper13) June 16, 2020Not true at all— Tracin⚡️✨ (@TracinWallace) June 16, 2020Not true…— SUPERMAN (@OfficialTylan2) June 16, 2020Who ever said this??? That’s people problems now! NOBODY said this.. if you don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes then don’t make a comment. I’m so tired of seeing this stuff.— ✞. (@collinclay_) June 16, 2020Furthest from the truth— Braydon Johnson ⚡️ (@GLOing_817) June 16, 2020Totally Untrue & False some people are just pitiful— Master $ensei🤺🤺 (@Blessed_Fofana) June 16, 2020After he had appeared in the video with Hubbard, Gundy on Tuesday appeared by himself in a new video. He confirmed the meeting with his players but did not mention any of the items listed in Gottlieb’s report. This time, Gundy apologized.”I had a great meeting with our team today,” the coach said. “Our players expressed their feelings as individuals and as team members. They helped me see through their eyes how the T-shirt affected their hearts. Once I learned how that network felt about Black Lives Matter, I was disgusted and knew it was completely unacceptable to me.”I want to apologize to all members of our team, former players and their families for the pain and discomfort that has been caused over the last two days. Black Lives Matters to me. Our players matter to me. These meetings with our team have been eye-opening and will result in positive changes for Oklahoma State football. I sincerely hope the Oklahoma State family near and far will accept my humble apology as we move forward.” There is no telling what kind of change will actually take place within Oklahoma State’s football program now that head coach Mike Gundy has pledged to deliver it.Maybe he’ll simply change his T-shirt. Or maybe he’ll see that his players’ issues with the shirt were the tip of the iceberg, and the coach will change what some have described as racist behavior against black players. Maybe the change will fall somewhere in between.last_img read more