first_imgDeploying a new surveillance system? Test for the “what-ifs” of system-wide integration.Accelerate time to deployment, minimize risks, and overcome complexities of surveillance system integration with the most comprehensive lab validation services in the industry.“With the solution from Dell, we can guarantee 100% uptime, no data loss, and no service disruption, which means maximum business continuity.Share— Enzo Palladini, Sales and Engineering Office Manager, Bettini VideoThere can be no questions when it comes to the reliability of your surveillance infrastructure. Given what’s at stake—whether downtime in daily operations, loss of critical evidence, or worse yet, the safety of those under your watch—failure or data loss are not options. But given the complexities of today’s surveillance and IoT landscapes, what’s really being done to prevent it?Enter Dell Technologies’ worldwide surveillance laboratories. Our team of dedicated engineers has been helping businesses minimize deployment risks while reducing overall support costs through extensive validation of virtual and non-virtual architectures for well over a decade.While the fast-moving landscape of surveillance can leave any system with flaws and deployment risks, the unparalleled depth of our validation process combined with our network of major surveillance technology partners and industry-leading experience in complete surveillance solutions guarantees unmatched architecture support.The Goal: Zero Data LossSurveillance doesn’t offer second chances. Once the data from a video stream is gone, it’s gone for good.The way to help prevent data loss is by going above and beyond conventional testing approaches. By understanding the complete test-to-fail environment including compute, storage, networking, and software, we produce benchmarking results using true production workloads that result in a zero-data-loss system. We start by assembling your unique infrastructure and conditions, including specific ISV hardware and software, and building a performance baseline to further refine and repeatedly test against. Then we expand on that baseline up to the point where it reaches standard product and industry utilization levels and begin testing at scale, inserting errors to discover any points of failure.Figure 1. Validation Process. An application-centric approach to determine a performance baseline under normal and abnormal operating conditions.A completely validated system is designed to continue to capture each frame of video, even during those failure states. Whether failure stems from something like a failed hard drive, network port, controller from a controller-based platform, or single node on a scale-out storage platform, testing is designed to identify how any error impacts the rest of the system while at maximum utilization, and then we’ll go back through the workload to check for latency or loss.Simplify Scaling while Reducing Risk and CostWhile typical approaches to system validation begin and end the process with functionality tests, allowing for a basic view to determine whether the major components of your architecture are functionally operating together is only one step in our comprehensive validation process. Our Surveillance Validation Labs take several extra steps not only to validate your current infrastructure but also to reduce your future deployment risks, further protecting your investments. As your optimized surveillance solutions are bound to change with upgrades and add-ons, our proactive approach helps our partners and customers seamlessly scale their infrastructures while maintaining low-risk and consistent architectures.In conjunction with our industry-proven validated partners, we equip you with the tools necessary for you to simplify the process of scaling up or adding new functionality to your existing architecture. Following deployment, the Dell Technologies Surveillance engineering team will provide you with baseline data gathered during testing as well as your ISV-specific reference-architecture documentation, including white papers, technical notes, sizing guidelines, technical presentations, and best practices to aid in safely accelerating deployment.Security and Reliability from Edge to Core to CloudWhile workloads are growing more complex, incorporating tools like high-resolution video and IoT/AI, the need to secure every bit of data is more crucial than ever, but this growing technology landscape is making that data increasingly challenging to validate and therefore protect. As the #1 infrastructure provider of global surveillance solutions* dedicated to helping bring the edge, core, and cloud components together, Dell Technologies is uniquely positioned to provide unmatched surveillance solution testing, validation, and integration support. Our Labs are outfitted with leading technology from every major surveillance vendor, allowing us to validate security applications with our extensive portfolio of products and solutions and keep your system reliable and your data safe.Come See Us at NCS4Have questions about your surveillance-system deployment? Come visit us July 9-10 at the NCS4 conference in the New Orleans Marriott, booth #209.For more information and to learn more about Dell Technologies IoT Solution | Surveillance, visit us online.last_img read more

first_imgSouthwest Montana is a bucket list destination for fly fishing enthusiasts from all over the globe, so you can understand my excitement when I got to spend a few days there completely immersed in the local fly fishing scene.Luckily, I have a buddy from my days living and working in Yellowstone National Park who lives in Bozeman, owns a drift boat, and spends 99.9 percent of his waking hours obsessing over all things trout. All I had to do was show up, sit back and enjoy the ride—and a few of Montana’s finest craft-brewed ales—while he shuttled me around to a handful of the area’s most renowned fishing holes.What follows are brief descriptions of each of those fisheries along with some photos of the success we enjoyed while fishing them.Floating The Lower MadisonNamed in 1805 by Meriwether Lewis, the Madison River is one of Montana’s premier blue ribbon trout fisheries. It originates in Yellowstone National Park, at the confluence of the Firehole and Gibbon Rivers—both famous trout rivers in their own right—and flows for about 180 miles until it joins forces with the Mighty Missouri River (more on that later).IMG_0018My day on the Madison was eventful and full of fish. Of all the rivers I had the pleasure of visiting during my time in Montana, this was the most productive.IMG_3620Browns and rainbows were plentiful—most falling victim to cadis pupa and olive hare’s ear nymphs—and the scenery was typical Montana, complete with high-rising, riverside cliffs and the occasional bald eagle circling above. If you ever make the trek to Montana don’t miss out on the Madison.P1015187 2Strippin’ Streamers on Hyalite ReservoirHyalite Canyon is a go-to for Bozemanites looking for quick access to mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, camping, and fishing—all in the shadow of Montana’s stunning mountain landscape.IMG_0237For us, fishing was the pursuit of choice, so we put the boat in on Hyalite Reservoir—a 206-acre high altitude lake perched at an elevation of 6,700 feet—and started casting streamers in hopes of hooking up with native cutthroat trout and arctic grayling.IMG_4888Fishing was understandably slower in this still body of the water, but I did manage to net one small cutthroat. Unbelievable scenery, craft beers, and good times with good friends dominated the rest of the day.Salmonflies on the Big Hole RiverThere was something in the air when we showed up to at the banks of the Big Hole River on the morning of Friday, June 17. To me they looked like small, uncoordinated birds, but it turns out they were huge aquatic insects called salmon flies.Every year these gargantuan bugs make their ascent from the bottom of the Big Hole to its swirling surface. Most are quickly gobbled up by hungry trout. Others make their escape for nearby tree limbs. We were just happy to have a box full of flies in our possession that closely resembled these unique insects.Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 9.44.46 AMAs soon as we put it on the Big Hole we noticed trout rising in every direction, and I had what I can only assume was a giant brown emerge from the depths to break my salmon fly off within the first 30 minutes.We continued to fish salmon fly dries and girdle bugs for the rest of the float. By the time we arrived at the takeout, where we had stashed our tent and camping gear a few hours earlier, everyone aboard had netted trout and spirits were high.IMG_5357The next day we woke up with the sun and re-embarked on our journey down the Big Hole. Saturday started with more technical whitewater and our drift boat even took on some of said water at one point. After a quick foray on the bank and some manual bilging with a Nalgene bottle, we were back on the river catching more trout on girdle bugs.Once we reached the pullout and loaded the boat onto the trailer we were off again to the tiny town of Craig, Montana. Of all the trout-obsessed towns I’ve visited over the years, Craig is the one I can most accurately describe as a “Trout Mecca”. It sits mere feet from the banks of the much tamer but just as fishy Missouri River and boasts more drift boats than year-round residents.IMG_0947Conquering the Might MoThe Missouri River might be best known as the waterway that delivered the Lewis and Clark expedition from the midwestern frontier deep into the heart of the mysterious mountain West.Today it is known for delivering hungry trout into the nets of eager anglers. Our trip was no exception.IMG_0929We arrived during the heart of another famous hatch. Instead of salmon flies  we were hoping to see hoards of caddis and pale morning duns. Unfortunately, the wind thwarted our dreams of all-day dry fly action, so we turned to trusty nymphs rigs, complete with split shots and bobbers.This proved to be the ticket, and before long Josh was battling the biggest fish of the trip on a secluded Missouri River side channel. Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 10.06.25 AMNeedless to say, the giant rainbow found the bottom of his net, and a fitting cap was placed upon a perfect Montana fly fishing excursion, but not before indulging in celebratory beers, bourbon, and burgers back in Craig with the Missouri River still in view. Here’s to hoping I make it back soon.Related Content:last_img read more